Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Love Fearing The Dead

Okay, we have now officially entered what many people consider to be the worst time of year to watch TV. And count me among them.

I just can't take hours of mediocre talent.

I just can't take hours of people dancing.

I just can't take hours of miserable people trading in their dignity for a shot at romance on TV.

Now, there is SOME relief on the way. "Ray Donovan" is about to return to Showtime and currently, Sunday Nights on AMC are populated with zombies in "Fear The Walking Dead."

This is the second, less heralded TWD show, but in it's third season now, I think it's really found its footing and characters. One of which is played by Ruben Blades and his surprise return (he was thought to be dead) a week ago was a HUGE moment.

Here's a preview of next week's show. Can't Wait.