Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Ray Donovan Returns

Just last week, I was lamenting how the summer TV season was here and how AWFUL it is.

So imagine my joy and surprise to find out that one of the best shows on TV, "Ray Donovan" is almost here (premiers 8/6 on "Showtime").

If you've never seen Ray Donovan, here it is in a nutshell. This is NOT a good guy. This is NOT a bad guy. Liev Schreiber stars as the title character, a man who lives in eternal shades of grey.

In Hollywood, he's a "fixer." He's the kind of guy the studios call if one of their stars has messed up and they need to keep it out of the public eye and make it go away.

Along the way, he tries to do the right things by his family (this never works out), and keep one step ahead of enemies like the FBI who would love nothing more than to bust him for some deeds performed in the line of duty.

He is the ultimate anti-hero and I can't wait for Season 5 to begin.