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10 Phrases Women Shouldn't Ever Use On Their Dating Profile

Lookin for love but not having any luck ladies?  Well it could be what your dating profile says online!  Some phrases just chase men away!  But the top ones might surprise you!  You may not think that its something that would chase someone away, but you'd be surprised.

10 Phrases Women Shouldn't Ever Use On Their Dating Profile:

10. 'Live, Laugh, Love'

9.'Message Me, I Won't Talk First'

8.'I Don't Like Drama' -usually means ya do!

7. 'I Like The Finer Things In Life' - also known as, I'm expensive

6. 'I'm High Maintenance'- also means your a tad bit expensive!

5. 'All My Friends Say I'm Crazy' - well you probably are crazy!

4. 'I Probably Hate You' -well then why would a guy even try?

3. 'I'm Fluent In Sarcasm So If You Can't Deal Don't Bother' - oh you sound like a joy!

2. 'Are There Any Good Men Left?' - well he thought he was a good one, but....

1.'I'm a Princess' - Daddy could still be paying your bills, which means the guy who is about to swipe right, might be the next to pay the 'princess's' bills!

Any of these on your profile? You gonna change it?