Spencer Platt/Getty Images

ICYMI: Chocolate Is Good For The Heart!

Well ladies, if you are a huge chocolate lover you may be in luck!  In fact a new study has been done by Harvard School of Health and the results are shocking!  While most think that eating chocolate is bad for you like most high sugar snacks, it actually can have great effects!  Of course if it's all done in moderation!

The Harvard School of Health has found that Eating Chocolate reduces your risk of developing an irregular heartbeat.  When the researcher Liz Mostofsky was asked about the research, she said "We observed a significant association between eating chocolate and a lower risk of atrial fibrillation," she told the Daily Mail, "suggesting that even small amounts of cocoa can have positive health impact."

So next time  you think about biting into that Hershey's kiss or grabbing another chocolate on the way out of a restaurant, don't feel so bad!  It actually can help you!  Just don't be downing huge amounts of chocolate every single day!