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You May Not Want To Date (Or Marry) Anyone From These Countries!

A new study is out showing that Travelers from certain countries are more likely to cheat on their vacation then others!  Which to me, is kinda a crazy survey to even ask in general, but they had a bunch of folks answer and say whether they would, or would not cheat!  What countries have the most likely cheaters?

Top 10 Countries For Vacationing Cheaters:

10. UK - 27%

9. Norway- 28%

8. Denmark- 30%

7. Portugal- 33%

6. Netherlands- 35%

5. Belgium- 38%

4. Sweden- 42 %

3.Spain- 45%

2. Italy- 53%

1.France- 54%

Now of course, the one thing to remember is that folks from these countries live a different lifestyle and they have different beliefs on how marriage works.  Some countries have more open lifestyles, while others have more closed off lifestyles.  In other words, what may be cheating here, is considered the norm in other places.  Not saying its right or wrong, it just is different!