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She Busted Out The Dragons Last Night

Okay fellow "Game of Thrones" nerds...


If you missed last night's episode, it was AWESOME.

1. We continue to have reunion of the Stark Children at Winterfell. Last week, Sansa and Jon-as well as Sansa and Bran. This week, the sisters Ariya and Sansa come together as Ariya comes home. What's interesting tho, is when she left, Ariya was a little girl who wanted to learn to fight. The woman that has come home is one of the most dangerous fighters around.

2. You knew it was bound to happen...once Dany and Jon got together, you'd be able to feel the sparks fly and the romantic tension in the air. And it is there in spades


3. I'm sorry, there is just nothing cooler than when Dany unleashes the dragons. In this case, almost at the expense of Jaime Lannister's life.

Only 3 episodes left before the long wait until the show wraps next summer.