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What Really Makes Me Crazy On An Airplane Is....

What really makes you go crazy on an airplane?  Is it the stewardess?  Or is it the little bag of 2 whole pretzels?  Well according to a new study by SkyScanner we are finding out the 6 things that drive folks who fly absolutely crazy and none of them are a surprise at all!

6 Worst Travel Habits

6. Loud Travelers - 7%

5. The Impatient Flyer - 7 %

4. Armrest Hogger - 9%

3. Maximum Recliners - 17%

2. The Seat Kicker - 27%

1.The Smelly Traveler - 30%

A smelly traveler really might have be questioning if I shoulda drove or not! What drives you crazy when you fly?