Tanner's Pets Of The Week: Ariel the Dog & Horst the Cat

This week Ariel and Horst need a loving home in our featured Tanner's Pets of the Week!

Name: Ariel

ID: A1126723

Age: 6 years

Weight: 63 lbs

Sex: Spayed Female

Date of Arrival: 8/9/17 (Surrendered)

Vaccinations: Have all required vaccinations

Has been microchipped

Ariel has been waiting patiently at the shelter for a forever home and family. Although she looks sturdy she is as delicate as a flower. This beautiful girl is looking for a home where she can be treated like a princess. She is sweet, gentle and frequently seeks reassurance. Ariel formerly lived successfully with another dog in a home. With slow intros at the shelter, she's made some friends in dog play groups. Ariel's insecurities are sometimes apparent when in off-leash play groups, so we make sure to pair her with friendly, polite dogs. Doesn't matter their size, gender or breed, as long as they aren't too rambunctious or pushy. These interactions have helped build her confidence and comfort level around other dogs here. Ariel walks well on a leash and is very attentive to her handlers. Ariel picks up on training quickly especially when food is involved. She's smart, eager and loyal. Although she has shown some reactivity on the leash in the form of barking at things that startle her, she can be easily redirected and calmed by food and a reassuring handler that gives her an exit from the scary things. Ariel is staff & volunteer favorite because she's very loving and unique. Our trainer says she's easy to work with and resilient. She is spayed and heartworm negative which means she can leave the shelter with you at any time! She has lots of life, love and loyal companionship to offer. Please consider coming out to meet her, the shelter is open daily! Only $40 to adopt!

Name: Horst

ID: A1126698

Breed Mix: Shorthair

Age: 3 year

Weight: 8 lbs

Sex: Neutered Male

Date of Arrival: 8/8/17 (Stray)

Vaccinations: Have all required vaccinations

Has been microchipped

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