Leon Neal/Getty Images

What Does That Guy On Tinder Really Want?

Online dating can really stink!  You never really know what someone wants half the time until you already spent weeks talking to them and they finally show their true colors.  Then you move on to the next one to find out that they aren't much different then the last.  So you keep trying and trying.  Maybe it's time to give it up?  After all a new survey from Indiana University has found that a very little amount of guys online want a true relationship.

In fact, 9% of online daters want a 'friends with benefits' relationship, and I'm not talking about Healthcare and a 401k!  On top of that, another 12% of online daters only wanna just talk and don't care to even ever meet.

But there is good news, 18% of online daters want a long-term relationship, and another 18% want a short-term relationship!  So, maybe you'll go through some of the 9% to find the 18% hiding on the other side!

Either way, I'm glad I don't have to deal with any dating anymore as it can become very frustrating!  Just keep your head up and a smile.  Don't let anyone get your spirits or hopes down!