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Denny's New Mascot Looks Like What!?

People are mocking Denny's new hat-wearing sausage mascot. Some say the talking mascot looks like a turd.

Denny's says they have no plans to change mascots or how the sausage looks. “Sausage has been looking for an opportunity to out-shadow his breakfast counterparts for a while, so it was only a matter of time before he tried to jump into the spotlight. While this unflattering comparison was never in his plan, he won’t let it stop him from enjoying his 15 minutes of fame. We do not have any plans to change how Sausage looks because … well, he looks exactly how a breakfast sausage should look. And of course, we’d hate to give Sausage a complex because we – and his Grand Slams family – love him just the way he is!”

The Internet reacts ...

Denny's new mascot looks exactly like what happens less than 30 seconds after eating Denny's.

Denny’s new mascot is a turd, y’all.

Denny's introduces a talking sausage that looks like, um, it's been eaten already.

Be right back. I gotta go drop a Denny's mascot.

The new Denny's mascot looks like a piece of poop. I don't know what demographic they're trying to reach, but I'm pretty sure I'm not in it.

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