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This Small Northern State Loves Beer More Then Any Of The 50 Others!

Well I gotta say, I'm kinda surprised!  I never would have thought that a state this small and this far north, would be one of the most beer loving states in the Country! But according to a new study by National Today, Massachusetts seems to have the highest count of beer lovers!  In fact, over half the people who live there love their beer!  Which other states ranked pretty high?  Well...

Top 10 Beer Loving States:

10. Colorado: 43%

9. New York: 44%

8. Maryland: 45%

7. Virginia: 46%

6. New Jersey: 46%

5. Arizona: 47%

4. Oklahoma: 48%

3. Wisconsin: 49%

2. Missouri: 50%

1.Massachusetts: 51%

Well, at least the Carolina's didn't make this list, even though we do make it pretty high on the list of Microbrews per capita, the last time I checked!  Either way, Cheers!