Suzanne Plunkett/Getty Images

When Is The Perfect Time To Pass Out?

Some days, I feel like "right now" would be a great answer!  Especially after a long and crazy week!  When it comes to the best time to fall asleep though, there is actually an exact time that is perfect to pass out.  When is it?  Well Eve Sleep did a survey and found out a lot about sleep!

Like did you know, 44% of people sleep better when their partner isn't in bed with them?  Hold on, that means more then half do like sleeping with their partner though, and do sleep better with them!

That's not all they found out though.  Research also found out that those with white walls sleep better at night.  Why?  No idea.  To be honest that kinds sounds crazy!

But when it comes down to the perfect time to fall asleep, according to research its at 10:39 PM.  Sounds kinda exact to me!  I mean if I fall asleep at 10:40, does that mean Its not a perfect night?  Crazy.

What time do you fall asleep?