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The One Thing That Scares Folks The Most Will Blow Your Mind!

What scares folks the most?  You'd think a haunted house, or maybe the boogie man.  But the crazy thing that scares folks the most is actually surprising!  What is it?

Well according to new survey from Chapman University, we find the 10 things that scare us the most.  Everything from healthcare to finances made the list!  Lets check it out:

Top 10 Things That Scare Folks The Most!

10 Air Pollution - 45%

9 North Korea Using Weapons - 48%

8 Global Warming and Climate Change - 48%

7 The US Involvement In Another World War - 48%

6 High Medical Bills - 48%

5 Not Having Enough Money - 50%

4 Pollution OF Drinking Water - 50%

3 Pollution Of Oceans, Rivers, and Lakes 53%

2 Healthcare - 55%

1 Corruption Of The Government - 74%

Man, who would have thought?!  I'd say my #1 is different!