Tanner's Pets Of The Week: Arthur & Alice the Cats

This week Arthur and Alice the cats need a loving home in our featured Tanner's Pets of the Week!

ID:  A1124489 and A1124491

Breed Mix: Shorthair

Age:  Both 4 months

Sex:  Neutered/Spayed

Vaccinations: Has all required vaccinations and has been microchipped

About Alice and Arthur: Alice and Arthur have been in a foster home together since they were 4-6 weeks old. They have been with other cats in the home but have not been introduced to dogs.

Alice has a very loud purr motor but has not quite mastered the art of meowing yet. She tries very hard but is more laid back. She is content to lie on your lap and be petted once she gets to know you.

Arthur is an explorer and will have to check out every corner of the house no matter how high it might be. He also loves food and playing with the cat toys; especially the cat teasers where he can show off his leaping skills.

If you are interested in meeting these two, please contact their foster mom at 704-281-5640 or [email protected]

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