Clodagh Kilcoyne/Getty Images

Scientists Say This Is The Place To Find Long-Lasting Love!

And No, it's not Disney!  In fact it's somewhere we usually go on a daily basis.  The Internet!  According to a new scientific study by MIT, which talked to over 19,000 couples, has found that folks who meet online actually have a better chance at both being interested in a relationship over just talking or hanging out!

Which is weird because you hear the horror stories of folks just wanting to hang out on dating sites like Tinder, when the study actually found 80% of people on the dating app actually wanted a relationship!

So are the old days of meeting in a bar out the window?  Not exactly.  I man you still can meet someone in the Grocery Store, the Gym, a Concert, Disney, or even the beach and find a relationship that could last forever.  But with the internet you have exposure to more people, so the odds are increased.

If your single and been looking, it might be time to sign online and don't get frustrated.  It all happens in time! I'm just glad the time finally came and I got lucky enough to find someone! Shew!