Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Who Takes The Top Spot For Highest-Paid TV Host?

You may be surprised!  Unless you watch daytime TV, then you probably can already figure it out!  Who has been around a while, and who has been the most popular?  Well when it comes down to getting the ratings, I'd say number one and two are really easy to pick! Check out the top 10!

1. Dr Phil McGraw- $79m

2. Ellen DeGeneres- $77m

3. Ryan Seacrest- $58m

4. Judy Sheindlin- $47m

5. Simon Cowell- $43.5

6. Steve Harvey- $42.5m

7. Bill O'Reilly- $37m

8. Sean Hannity- $36m

9. Michael Straham- $21.5m

10. Heidi Klum- $21m

That's a LOT of money!  Just shows how much those TV shows are willing to dish out! Question is, are they worth it??