Kai Schwoerer/Getty Images

Next Time, This Guy Better Just Wash The Dishes!

Has your mom ever threatened to whoop ya tail if you didn't do what she said?  Well I know she rarely follows through, but one mom in Georgia meant business when she said the dishes needed to be washed!  When her son didn't,things got a little crazy!

In Macon Georgia a mom recently told her son to get to washing the dishes after eating dinner, and as always her son pushed her limits.  He likes to push everyone's buttons in the house, so it wasn't any different then usual, but it seemed this time she wasn't having any of it!  So she threatened to call the cops if he didn't do as he was told!

Well, as always, he didn't do what he was supposed to, so she gave the police a call.  Of course when they arrived they couldn't do a thing because no laws were broken, except for the illegal use of 911!  So in turn, she got in trouble more then he did.

No word if he did the dishes or not, but that boy better stop messin with his momma!