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Straight Up: Sometimes Thomas Rhett Forgets

Thomas Rhett's song "Unforgettable" isn't about his wife Lauren, but that's not to say there aren't things he remembers about their early days. And that's despite Thomas' admittedly bad short term memory.

How bad is it exactly? "Like, sometimes I'll get up off the couch to grab a glass of water and Lauren will say, 'Can you bring me a spoon?' and I'll come back with the water but no spoon," Thomas says through his record label. "So my brain works that way."

Thomas Rhett on Twitter

My wife is just hot.. that's all I got. Great time at the CMA's. Happy birthday again sweetheart????

He remembers important stuff, too, though. "At the same time I remember a bunch of random details," he says about their early days of dating (they've known each other since they were kids). "Like there were random, nothing night dates that we used to have in Knoxville when she was still in college that I can vividly remember," Thomas recalls. "[Things like] going to get sushi downtown [and] going to a movie. I can remember her getting two boxes of Milk Duds instead of one; certain weird things that don't make a whole lot of sense on why you remember them. But I think women really appreciate when you can remember the small details as well as the big ones."

The couple recently celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary, and no the "Unforgettable" singer didn't forget it. Keep track of his upcoming tour dates here. They run through early December. He's got plenty set for 2018, too.


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