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And The Most Regrettable Thing To Buy On Black Friday Is...

Well Black Friday is right around the corner, and the big question is, "What am I going to buy?" Well it can be a difficult decision until you see the sales tomorrow morning in the paper. (Do folks even still get the paper?!?) Either way, why not tell you the things most folks regret buying on Black Friday?
According to a new survey by Gumtree it seems that the one thing they regret most is Clothing!

But that's not the only thing.  In fact they have a list of the Top 10! Check it out:

1. Clothing
2. Tablets
3. TVs
4. Coffee machines
5. Mobiles
6. Gaming consoles
7. Sportwear
8. Handbags
9. Smoothie makers
10. Gym equipment 

So before you go shopping this Black Friday and drop some big bucks, do some research and see if it's really a deal!

What's the one thing you'll be buying?