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That Don't Impress Her Much, But This Might....

What really impresses a women and really attracts her to a man?  It's a million dollar question that most folks that are single are constantly looking for the answer too.  It can be hard to figure out, but thanks to a new survey by Omnibus, we might have a little light on the subject.  In fact, most single Women and Men tend to be looking for one thing, and in fact, it is not your looks.  It's actually your Personality!

When it comes to finding a mate, 41% of Men and 38% of Women said that personality is the number one thing they look for when finding someone to date.  Things kinda change after that.  Here's what women are all looking for:

personality 38%

similar interests 20%

intelligence 15%

humor 13%

money 3%

Well at least 3% of the women were honest!  Just kidding!  I also thought that Humor would be up the list a bit more since ladies always say its the one thing they like in a man.

Ladies, what do you look for in a guy?