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Don't Be The Family Member Who Buys These Horrible Gifts...

What can be worse?  Getting no gift, or getting a really crappy one?  To me it's a good question.  I mean at least they were thinking about you when they got the gift, but then again what were they thinking about you when they bought something so bad?  When it comes to gifts it's not hard to get something good, but it can be easy to get something crappy if you have a different sense of humor or just bad buying taste.

One of the toughest things to buy for anyone is clothing, unless you know the person really well.  Which has me thinking, I really need to find my girlfriend a dress for Christmas.  Hopefully I find a nice one!  Either way, back to the bad gifts, don't buy clothing unless you know the person.  After all the #1 worst holiday gift you can buy anyone is Ugly Clothes. But there is a lot more then that!  Here's the Top 10:


1. Ugly clothes

2. Toiletry kits

3. Bath salts /bubble bath

4. Socks

5. Slogan t-shirts

6. Movies you've already seen

7. Candles

8. Hankies

9. A scarf

10. Soap on a string

Soap on a rope isn't every ones favorite Christmas gift? Since when?