Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

1 In 4 Think This Is The Hardest Person To Shop For!

And I Disagree!  Only because I think there is someone way harder to shop for during the holidays.  In fact when it comes to Christmas shopping and even birthday gift shopping, the hardest person to shop for is the one person in my life that always seems to have everything.  Can ya guess who it is?

My Father.  My dad, is just like a lot of other dads out there.  He buys whatever he wants instead of waiting for Christmas for it.  It's weird though, because's study didn't even mention a father as being hard to shop for!

They did say that 1 in 4 have the hardest time shopping for their spouse.  Which to me is crazy, because my girlfriend is the easiest to shop for!  You just have to pay attention to them and listen, you'll find out what they really want.