(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

I Am Shocked At The Number 1 Highest Paid Musician...

Forbes highest paid list is out, and to be honest I am really surprised at the Number 1 musician on the list.  Just for the simple fact that I didn't know he was even really touring or putting out any music right now.  But according to Forbes, Diddy is the highest paid musician at $130 Million!

That is crazy right?

Considering I didn't even know he was on tour.  What is even more crazy, is not one country artist made the Top 10 list! Check it out:

1) Diddy ($130m)

2) Beyonce ($105m)

3) Drake ($94m)

4) The Weeknd ($92m)

5) Coldplay ($88m)

6) Guns N' Roses ($84m)

7) Justin Bieber ($83.5m)

8) Bruce Springsteen ($75m)

9) Adele ($69m)

10) Metallica ($66.5m)

So who surprised you?  I thought you'd at least see Garth on their or something!