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6 Fashion Trends From 2017 That We’ll Regret In 2018

It’s always fun to look back at trends you used to think were cool. You can think of a few accessories that now make you wonder "why?” *Cough* Butterfly clips *Cough, Cough*. There are definitely some recent questionable fashion items from 2017 that we’ll regret in 2018.

1. Fur footwear rocked the runways and street style looks of many fashionistas. Yes, some fuzzy boots are acceptable, but sandals with hair? No, thank you.


2. Bodysuits can look adorable with a pair of tight high-waisted bottoms. However, they have hit a fashion extreme this year and make bathroom experiences highly odd.


3. Beige pants came into the fashion forefront once Kim Kardashian was seen rocking one. Yes, the social media star can pretty much wear anything, but these look similar to your birthday suit!


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4. Micro-shades are less of sun protection and more like a granny knockoff. We aren’t too sure how this essentially useless accessory became a “thing”.

Allons-y! Bella Hadid steps out in the French capital during Paris Fashion Week! ????

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5. Clear plastic pants are probably the most confusing item on this list. First of all, if you sweat people are automatically going to see the condensation. No one wants to see your butt sweat and undergarments.


6. Feather eyebrows came on the scene real quick during fashion week. Thankfully, these fluffy creations were not accepted by most and lived mainly on social media.


Let's hope for better trends in 2018!


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