Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Ewwwwww! Well That Makes The Gym Even More Nasty!

Time to kick that New Years resolution to the curb!  Especially if it has anything to do with going to the gym.  And the reason why, is perfect!  So what's going to be your excuse?

The gym is DIRTY!  And according to a new study by Fit Rated, its VERY dirty!  I mean really, it's almost nasty!  362 Times more Bacteria than a toilet seat when it comes to the Free Weights.  Then you get over to the bikes, and they have 39 times more bacteria than a reusable cafeteria tray!

"But I only use the treadmill!" and that's fine, but not really.  After all, it has 74 more times more bacteria than a water faucet in a public restroom.

Now that's nasty!