Joe Scarnici / Stringer-Getty Images

When Bad Meets Worse

If you are a fan of BBC America's "Doctor Who," then I don't need to tell you who David Tennant (pictured above) is.

If not, but you've seen "Jessica Jones" on Netflix he played the sinister, "Kilgrave."

If you've never seen either of these, then I recommend you add this upcoming release to you must-see list. The premise of "Bad Samaritan" is actually pretty interesting.

What if you are a car valets who uses his business as a front to burglarize houses of their unsuspecting patrons? What if this is working well for you-RIGHT up to the point you burglarize a house of a man (Tennant) who is holding someone captive?

As the tag line in the trailer says:

One bad night

One bad decision

Can haunt you forever

"Bad Samaritan" opens March 30.