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Walking Dead Is Back, But Not For Darius Rucker!

Darius Rucker Tried To Watch 'The Walking Dead' With His Son Jack, But Couldn't Get Through The First Episode ... "Jack, my son, wanted to get into The Walking Dead, so I said, 'Yeah, dude. I'll watch it with you.' So, we were going to binge-watch the first couple of seasons, and it was the first episode, and we were sitting in my man cave, and it was the first episode and I'm sitting there. People who watch it will know the scene I'm talking about it. It's the little girl that's facing away and they're slowly panning into the little girl. I thought, 'That's cool. Boy, I'll watch it.' They pan and she turns around and I got up and ran out of the room. I mean, I pushed Jack down and I ran out of the room, and I said, 'I cannot watch this television show!' That was the end of it for me. That little girl freaked me out so much I couldn't watch any more Walking Dead. I haven't watched it since. True story. I ran out of the room. Aaaaaahhhhh I'm screaming. It was awful."