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Should Non-Smokers Get More Vacation Days?

On an average, a smoker spends about 5 weeks a year on Smoke break.  Yea, you read that right.  5 Weeks A Year on smoke break!  To me, that seems really crazy and a lot of wasted time that they are getting paid for!  To me, that blows my mind.  But it makes me realize and agree with the 42% of non-smokers who believe they deserve more vacation!

But not everyone agrees.

81% of smokers say that smoke breaks are fair, while only 25% of non-smokers agree.

I guess I could understand if it was a day or two a year that it would totally equal, but when it equals 5 weeks EVERY YEAR! That to me is insane! As  a non-smoker, we deserve an extra two weeks a year no doubt!

What do you think?  Should non-smokers get extra vacation?

Leave your feedback below!  We may just call your boss! Just kiddin!