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Our Country Is Obsessed With This One Thing, And It's Ruining Us!

What is the one thing in today's world that people are absolutely obsessed with?  Look in your hand right now.  No it's not the jewelry, or even the fact you have a protein shake in your other hand.  Its the device you are reading this on right now.  Technology hasn't ruined our country, but I will say that one thing seems to be on its way to totally ruin us.

A new study from Your Storage Finder has found that it's already done numbers on folks.  People are absolutely hooked, and obsessed with Social Media.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. are ruining our relationships, our jobs, and even our health!

A new study found that 37% of people would GAIN WEIGHT rather then lose their social media accounts.  Let that sink in.

51% of people would give up COFFEE for a YEAR rather then lose their social media accounts.  And of course, this is no surprise but 17% of people would give up fun in the bedroom for a YEAR instead of loose their social media accounts.

LETS GET REAL... If you think that the things that people are posting on Facebook are real, then you may need to put down the phone.  If you think that the one liners that folks drop on Twitter are actually what they stand for, then pay attention to what they spend time doing in real life.  If you think that Instagram post with some inspirational quote is your friends life every single hour, then be around the other 23 hours and 53 minutes.  We as a people are so obsessed of what people see in our Snapchats, or what our friends are doing in theirs, that we miss out on the moments in front of us.

We Hide... We hide on social media.  If we are in public or just with friends, other halves, or at work, we hide in our feeds instead of coming up with things to talk about and connect about.  Instead of spending the time to think of ways to spend time together, we figure out what Stacey's doing on her Snap.  But we can't always hide.

Things have to change.  We can't be this socially media obsessed world that loves likes and attention.  But we already are there.  You want to have a fulfilling life and one full of meaning then disconnect.  You don't have to totally, but spend more time worrying about those around you, and not those that follow you.


This weekend might be a great chance to do so.