Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Sleeping Horrible At Night? Your Not Alone!

In fact it's pretty popular for most American's to get a bad night of sleep.  But why?  Well it seems that there are a few reasons.  I know that one of the reasons that some scientists and researchers say is because of our cell phones.  66% of people look at their smart phone before going to bed!  Which is way too many!  What happened to reading a book?

These days, only 15% of people say they get a good night sleep.  That means a lot of us are tossing and turning.  But it all can't be blamed on the cell phone.  33% of people think about work right before bed.  And others claim snoring keeps them up which can be found in 40% of men and 25% of women.

Time to shut the phone off. Shut the brain off.  And buy some ear plugs!