(Photo by Cate Gillon/Getty Images)

Half Of The Singles Know These Shoes Will Stop A Date Immediately!

A new study has found that 54% of women say that Bad Style is a deal-breaker, but what is interesting is what things stick out the most as having bad style.  Of course you have Wrinkles Clothes, which 66% of singles feel is a deal breaker.  Sometime's it doesn't hurt to throw it in the dryer and get those wrinkles out! But there are a style of shoes that can actually stop and break a date immediately!

Though Socks and Sandals are higher on the list at 55%, which is totally understandable, the one shoe brand we are talking about are Crocs!  53% of singles say that Crocs are a total deal breaker.

I'm pretty sure the other 47% were lying when they were asked about the Crocs, or they own a pair themselves.

Would Crocs be a deal breaker for you too?