Michael Nagle / Stringer-Getty Images


The last time I was THIS excited and intrigued by a new TV show's pilot and mysterious synopsis was about 14 years ago and a show that debuted on ABC in the fall with the most amazing first episode I've ever seen..."Lost"

Now admittedly, that show lost (pun intended) its way about halfway thru and ended in Season Six the way everyone predicted it would in Season One (creaters and producers during that first season said, "No way!" then obviously wrote themselves into a corner).

These kind of mystery/science fiction/thriller shows are REALLY hard to maintain a multi-season story arc.   That's why I'm going to tell you right now that THE sensation of the fall will be this new show on NBC called, "Manifest."

I'm also going to tell you not to expect great things past the shows first 22 episodes. 😉