Rick Diamond / Staff-Getty Images

Movies You HAVE To Watch...EVERY TIME-Coal Miner's Daughter

This is one of those movies that I (Charlie) really have no explanation as to why we love it so much. In fact, I can't even remember the first time we saw the movie, I KNOW it was on TV, though. In fact, I don't think until just recently I'd seen it without commercial interruptions-no matter.

Sissy Spacek is SO GOOD as Loretta Lynn (Oscar-Award-Winning in 1980 in fact) that when we interviewed the REAL Mrs. Lynn, I remember thinking, "She doesn't sound like she did in her movie." To me, Spacek IS Loretta Lynn. And Tommy Lee Jones IS Doolittle Lynn.

The truth life story of one of Country's icons would be remarkable if it was just the stuff of fiction. Loretta was raised in an impoverished coal mining community in Kentucky. She was married at 15, mother of four by 19, country music singer at 25, legend by 40.

Maybe what I've always loved most about the movie is the interraction and relationship between Spacek and Jones as the married couple in the crazy world of country music. Although, I have experienced no where near what they did...let's just say, it's not a foreign planet either.

It was always those two against the world.

Just like me and well, you know... <g>

Anyway, there's never a time that "Coal Miner's Daughter" is on that I'm not watching. There are a lot of great "biopics" that have been made over the years on a host of subjects. None, to me, are its equal.