What The $*&# Is THIS?!

The internet is buzzing about this image.  No one seems to know what it means.  Do you?

I finally installed the latsest update on my phone.  I'm usually a few days late because every time I do the update right away, it seems to completely wreck my phone for a week.   I found that 70 new emojis have been added.  Some of the new ones include a leg, a foot, an ear, ball of yarn, salt shaker and sponge.  Really?  I can't imagine where I would use these.  But the head scratcher is this one known as "woozy face."  People weighed in with speculation.  Is it bad Botox?  A drunk face?  Sneaking a burp?  Even Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson chimed in and said it means I'm freakin' awesome, and excuse me, but I have gas.  It does appear to be raising the "people's eyebrow."  What do you think it means?  How would you use it?  Did we need it?