Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Why Do People Clean Out Stores Of Milk And Bread When There's A Storm?

Whenever a big storm is about to hit, somehow the supermarket shelves in the bread and dairy aisles become a barren wasteland. But why? 

While it hasn't been scientifically studied, bad weather doesn't generally create a craving for French Toast, but storm after storm, people tend to clear out the store of these two staples.

AccuWeather claims the tradition started in 1978, when New Englanders bought up all the bread and milk in preparation for a massive blizzard, but a writer for Pittsburgh Magazine found it started even earlier. In 2014, Virginia Montanez discovered newspapers dating back to 1950 taking note of the phenomenon.

Are you guilty of doing this? Have you bought Milk and Bread in case it snows this weekend?

I prefer Beer and Frozen Pizza!