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Happiest People Live In The Country !

Researchers have found that the happiest people live outside the city limits. "People in the cities may have larger salaries and lower rates of unemployment but that doesn't mean it brings you joy.  The study found that people who live in the country are eight times happier than city folks."

Prince Charles Will Do It!

We now know who will walk Megan Markle down the aisle when she marries Prince Harry tomorrow morning.  She has reportedly asked Prince Charles  to escort her to her prince.  Her Dad won't be there due to health reasons .

Who Knew He Could (REALLY) Sing !

There is nothing Ryan Reynolds won't do to publicize his new movie "Deadpool 2".  He traveled all the way to South Korea, wore a unicorn mask for their show called "King of Masked Singers".  When I first heard this I had NO idea it was Ryan Reynolds!

Don't Forget Yo Momma!

Here's my sweet little Momma and man I miss her!  Whatever you do, don't forget your mother this coming Sunday for Mother's Day!  According to Ebates 26 percent of people forget  their moms on her day.  Whaaat?

Luke Is Glad To Have A Job Next Year!

Luke Bryan just announced this week that he, Katy Perry and Lionel Ritchie will be returning to American Idol next season.  The three of them apparently are becoming good buddies .  Katy and Luke even invited themselves over to Lionel's house for dinner, so how'd that go?