Charlie and Debbie

Redneck De-Lux

The sweet mullet should have been a dead giveaway, but the opening seconds of this video doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of redneck-ness that this video provides.

Dishin' With Debbie-Who Wants Cake?

It's not a party without a cake.  Here are a few of my favorites...from the cakes I made for our son's first birthday and his Superman party to the one a friend created for my birthday celebrating my love of cooking and the one I made for Catherine Lane and our friend Beth remembering all…

Dishin' With Debbie-Texas Two Step

What happens when you put all of these ingredients together?   It's so easy and delicious you'll make it again and again...because it will disappear fast!  Keep reading to find the two-step process of "chop and blend" that created this tasty appetizer!