When Adam Married Chris

I'll be honest, I haven't spent ONE SECOND with any of the "made for Netflix" movies that Adam Sandler (pictured above-center) has done. To me, he's one of those comedic actors that is best in small doses.

Meet The Buchmans Again

When Debbie and I were first married, there was a show on NBC that we SWORE had to have hidden cameras in our apartment. "Mad About You" starred Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt (pictured above) and was SO MUCH like looking in a mirror at our relationship. We loved it.

What Might Have Been

There appears to be not much that Netflix doesn't do well. Orginal series, movies, and even documentaries have all been not good-but exceptional.

Wild World

I have had more people in the last two weeks talk with me about how they've discovered and started binge-watching Season One of "Westworld" from HBO.

"Fear" Returns

Just as we're starting to race toward the conclusion of this season's "All Out War" on "The Walking Dead," we get a trailer for its spinoff series, the upcoming Season 4 of "Fear The Walking Dead."

Netflix In April

Well, we're almost to the end of the month of March which means getting to look ahead at what streaming service giant, Netflix has in store for April.

Can You Fathom This?

I have never missed an episode of "The Walking Dead" or "Fear The Walking Dead"-although I'm not one of those fanatical, dress-up-as-a-zombie kind of people. I just dig the shows.