Taking Dead Aim with Charlie Nance

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Latest Episode: The Legacy Of Bobby Jones Continues
This week we have quite the hodge-podge in golf.  Brian Conley is the GM of the newly re-opened Bobby Jones Golf Course in Atlanta.  This is not your usual golf course in ANY way.  Our "10 Predictive Questions" series continues with Fansided.com's Ron Mintz.  And we talk with kickstandputters.com's craftsman, Ken Hissam.

Charlie & Debbie's Same Day Replay

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Latest Episode: Naked Bongos And Ramen
Funny New Zealand Typo in "Celebrity Dirt."  Another fun edition of "Mystery Voice."  "Smartest Person..." deals with that proposal.  How did you destroy that wedding dress from the marriage you'd like to forget?  And in "Other News..." naked bongos and Ramen?