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Don't you hate it when you tune in to your fave radio show...and there are only 5 minutes left?

"What have I missed?!"

NO WORRIES! Charlie and Debbie's "Same Day Replay" catches you up on all the fun, foolishness, contests, etc. from each day's show-posted no later than 6:15 each weekday.

"Gated Community" Resident

Jealousy in the Palace causing one young royal couple to move? Details in "Celebrity Dirt." We've got a couple of offerings today from the "Lebo's Santa Claus Hotline." Okay, you have to marry where you, where did you meet? "Smartest Person..." deals with dating. In "Other News..." how to make $50 in Paris. And…

Is That Code?

Shots fired from Danica Patrick and Luke Bryan in "Celebrity Dirt."  Another REALLY deserving "Thanksgiving Giving" winner.  This is why you shouldn't have your phone when drunk.  "Mystery Voice"'ll never get this one.  "Smartest Person..." is something to "chew" on.  And in "Other News..." a destination wedding like none other!

Aren't You In Prison?

KFC with a "yes, please" item.  Details in "Celebrity Dirt."  Another deserving winner with "Thanksgiving Giving."  What's that story you wish mom would stop telling and she never will?  "Smartest Person..." deals with an item from childhood.  And in "Other News..."  apparently the prison system in Brazil is a little lax.

Charlie And Debbies Same Day Replay-Full Bisquit Showing 110818

Oprah's Favorite Things list today in "Celebrity Dirt."  Can't get enough of the disaster that is playing the "Mystery Voice" game.  Every had a wardrobe malfunction in a "proper" place?  "Smartest Person..." is a sobering number on car ownership.  And in "Other News..." beware of the "Baby Shark"