No Underwear

Could there already be a royal bun in the oven?  Find out in "Celebrity Dirt."  Ever seen a kid steal the show-not in a good way-at a wedding?  In "Smartest Person" we find out what a great many of us want to do on a vacation.  And in "Other News..." the oldest woman speaks!

Destination Wedding

I hate even the thought of a destination wedding. To me, it's like the bride and groom saying, "We really don't want you to come."

Free Luggage Will Only Get You So Far

Who's related to Jack The Ripper?  Details in "Celebrity Dirt."  That time your kid picked inopportune to answer nature's call.  This is a bucket list item for almost half of us?  Check out "Smartest Person..." And in "Other News..." c'mon better!

Another Escape

We were talking the other day about Sylvester Stallone beginning production on Rambo 5. I love Rambo. I love Stallone. I can't buy Rambo striking fear in anyone at 71.


The last time I was THIS excited and intrigued by a new TV show's pilot and mysterious synopsis was about 14 years ago and a show that debuted on ABC in the fall with the most amazing first episode I've ever seen..."Lost"