Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy

What do you call a Duchess if you've known her forever as "Meg?"  The answer in "Celebrity Dirt."  What do you own that is unnecessarily expensive?  According to "Smartest Person..." nearly half of us would do this if money was no object?  And in "Other News..." beware the Texas mall streaker

No Underwear

Could there already be a royal bun in the oven?  Find out in "Celebrity Dirt."  Ever seen a kid steal the show-not in a good way-at a wedding?  In "Smartest Person" we find out what a great many of us want to do on a vacation.  And in "Other News..." the oldest woman speaks!

Free Luggage Will Only Get You So Far

Who's related to Jack The Ripper?  Details in "Celebrity Dirt."  That time your kid picked inopportune to answer nature's call.  This is a bucket list item for almost half of us?  Check out "Smartest Person..." And in "Other News..." c'mon Southwest...be better!