That's Not What I Ordered

An hilarious story from Jason Sudekis about getting arrested at his parents' house in "Celebrity Dirt."  You ever ordered one thing...and received something completely different?  "Smartest Person..." tells of what we do on vacation.  And in "Other News..." NOT the way you want to go out.

Who Loves The DMV?

Bebe Rexha is one of our new favorite people.  Find out why in "Celebrity Dirt."  Debbie spent almost four hours in the Hell that is the DMV.  "Smartest Person..." tells of something you'll do nearly 13,000 times in your life.  And in "Other News..." it's hard being a psychic pig.

Look, Don't Touch!

Wait until you hear how much Royals spend on Christening presents-WOW details in "Celebrity Dirt."  What were you NOT allowed to touch in your parent's house growing up?  With "Smartest Person..." we learn what we spend nearly 6 days a year doing.  And in "Other News..." angry gators, bulls, and wives

Mom Never Listens

Harrry and Meghan don't even have kids, but they're picking out names.  Details in "Celebrity Dirt."  What's your Evel Knievel moment?  You'll eat 3000 of what in a life?  Find out with today's "Smartest Person..." question.  And in "Other News..." the Italian, TRULY blushing, bride

I Am THAT Neighbor

"Celebrity Dirt" has the financial details of Kenny Chesney's tour to this point...don't worry, he's doing all right.  You have a friend or relative who's just a little TOO INTO 4th of July fireworks?  More than half of us have taken a selfie doing what?  Find out with "Smartest Person..."  And in "Other News..." beware…