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Is He Pregnant?

A Kannapolis reason to watch "The Voice" full details in "Celebrity Dirt."  Fun play of "Who Do You Trust?!"  What do you do-that you know is gonna suck-but the payoff is worth it?  "Smartest Person..." gives a sobering iPhone stat.  And in "Other News..." who gets naked to fight?!

Granny Wears Floaties

The Hallmark Christmas movies are ALREADY announced.  Details in "Celebrity Dirt." We play "Which Is True" for Montgomery Gentry tix.  What have you recently done for the first time?  "Smartest Person..." is a money lesson.  And in "Other News..." stay off buses in Zimbabwe

Don't Go Cheap

Carrie Underwood is the best wife in the world .  Find out why in "Celebrity Dirt."  What should you NEVER "go cheap" on?  Jim Mantel is an old friend and a temporary resident after being evacuated from New Bern.  Hear his story.  "Smartest Person..." tells us what engaged couples do.  And in "Other News..." an…