The Legacy Of Bobby Jones Continues

This week we have quite the hodge-podge in golf.  Brian Conley is the GM of the newly re-opened Bobby Jones Golf Course in Atlanta.  This is not your usual golf course in ANY way.  Our "10 Predictive Questions" series continues with Fansided.com's Ron Mintz.  And we talk with kickstandputters.com's craftsman, Ken Hissam.

And Your Prediction Is...

We begin our look back/look ahead with our annual "10 Predictive Questions" series with Ron Green, Jr. of The Global Golf Post and Charlotte Observer;  syndicated host of "The Augusta Golf Show," John Patrick; and, CBSSports.com's "Eye On Golf," Kyle Porter.

Hall Of Fame -OR- Hall Of Achievement?

This is the HOF show.  We try to reconcile the LPGA HOF with the World Golf Hall of Fame and more with Ron Sirak of RonSirak.com.  And it's a no-holds-barred discussion/debate about all the HOF with Golf Historian and Golf Channel Broadcasting Pioneer, Peter Kessler.

What Makes A Tiger Tick?

We open up this week with a conversation on a number of topics from Payne Stewart's legacy to WGHOF requirements with Ron Green Jr. of The Global Golf Postand Charlotte Observer.  Then we spend the rest of the show with HBO Real Sports Correspondant, Armen Ketayian discussing his controversial biography of Tiger Woods.

From Bushwood To LaTrobe

We open up with congrats to Brooks Koepka on winning POY and to the new World Golf Hall of Fame inductees announced this week.  And yes, even disagree a little.   Then we segue to conversations with Chris Nashawaty about his book about the making of "Caddyshack" and Chris Rodell about his book on Arnold…

Unfortunately, We'll Always Have Paris

We look back at the debacle that was the US Team's effort at The Ryder Cup (and its aftermath) with Ron Green Jr. of The Global Golf Post and Charlotte Observer and John Maginnes of PGA Tour Radio who were (unfortunately) eyewitnesses.  Also, we'll talk a little Ryder Cup, Tiger, and Austin Cook's fantastic rookie…

The Best Of Times, The Worst Of Times

We talk the triumph of Tiger Woods at The Tour Championship with Golf Historian Peter Kessler.  A little Tiger and a lot of Sam Burns conversation with his caddy, David Woosley.  And WTH at The Ryder Cup with Fansided.com's Ron Mintz

Full Course Press

We talk with NC State Head Men's Golf Coach, Press McPhaul as he enters his second year at the helm of his alma mater; Ron Green Jr. of The Global Golf Post and Charlotte Observer from Eastlake CC-site of the Tour Championship-in Atlanta; and we revisit last year's conversation (BUT JUST AS TIMELY THIS YEAR)…

When You Gamble On Yourself And Lose 20K

Ron Green Jr. of The Global Golf Post and Charlotte Observerdiscusses the Fedex Cup and Ryder Cup; Ron Sirak of RonSirak.com discusses The Evian Championship; and Ron Mintz of fansided.com discusses the top golf stories of the week from Taking Dead Aim's Facebook page.

The Prodigy

We begin this week with the great John Feinstein talking about his new book, The Prodigy.  Then we head back to campus to check in with ECU Pirate Coach, Andrew Sapp, and Charlotte 49ers Coach, Ryan Cabbage as they preview their teams and fall schedules.