The Eighth Wonder Of The World

I have made no secret about this, my (Charlie) whole life I have been an unabashed professional wrestling fan. My mom once described it as sweaty soap operas for men. Who knows, she may be right.

The Giant

I have been hearing about this for a great number of years, but didn't think I'd ever see it done. First, ESPN was going to do a "30 for 30," but then Bill Simmons (it was his baby) left the company. Then Simmons went to HBO, but there was never a mention.

WATCH: Dwayne Johnson Watches His First WWE Match

Dwayne Johnson, who celebrates his birthday today (May 2), headed into 2017 as the highest paid actor in Hollywood earning a whopping $64.5 million in 2016. But let’s face it, regardless of the millions…and millions that he earns from his acting career, to many, he will always be The Rock.